Biddenham Show 2024
Biddenham Show 2024

Rules of the Show 2023


A class with restricted entry will be indicated.

Age for Young Biddenham Classes is at 1st September 2023


All entries must be submitted using our on-line form.

Gardening Entries

Entries will be judged by “Market” or “Garden” standards and not by Show standards which require special preparation of the entry.

Bake-Off Entries

Where a recipe is specified (via a link) entries will be judged by adherence to the recipe.

Photographic Entries

The Exhibitor is responsible for obtaining specific permission from any subject included in their photograph.

Biddenham Photo Collage Entries

Entries must be submitted to the Biddenham Show Instagram Page by 6pm Thursday 7th September, to allow time for the entries to be printed out.

Entry Fee

There is no fee for entries. However, to cover the cost of engraving the trophies we do ask that you make a voluntary donation.

Number of Entries

Exhibitors may enter up to 2 exhibits in any class.


All exhibits must be the property of, and all produce must have been grown by the same competitor.
All entries must have been produced since the last Biddenham Show.

Staging Rules & Times

Entries must be brought to the showground on Sunday 10th September between 8.15 and 9.45 am.

Flowers, fruit, vegetables, and all Bake-Off entries to the field marquee.

Photography, Art & Craft entries to the village hall.

No exhibit may be removed before 4.00 pm. Exhibits remaining after 4.30 pm will be disposed of.

Note that we cannot accept entries after 9.45am, so to avoid disappointment please come earlier rather than later.

Judging commences at 10am, so all exhibitors must have left the marquee and village hall by then.