Biddenham Show 2024
Biddenham Show 2024


The “Three Tuns Cup” – awarded to the exhibitor gaining the most points in the Biddenham Kitchen classes. 

Biddenham Preserves

The “Honourable Romola Russell Cup” – awarded for the best pickle or chutney

The “Misses Howard Cup” – awarded for the best lemon or lime curd

  1. A jar of sweet preserve (Jam, Jelly, Curd)
  2. A jar of savoury preserve (pickle or chutney)

Biddenham Baker and Cake Maker

The “BWX Cup” – awarded for the most points by a Gentleman baker

  1. One Iced cake
  2. One Victoria Sponge cake
  3. One Wholemeal loaf

Young Biddenham Baker and Cake Maker

Young Biddenham entries have been classified by school year. Please note you should enter the class which corresponds to the school year you have just finished

The “Biddenham Show Young Biddenham Cook Cup” for the best cookery exhibit by a child aged 16 years or under

Years 1 – 4

  1. One Homemade Pizza (maximum diameter 200 mm)

Years 5 to 7

  1. Decorated cup cakes – 4 on a plate

Years 8 – 11

48. One Decorated Cake for a party