Biddenham Show 2024
Biddenham Show 2024


Biddenham Show Sunflower Competition !

Competition rules;

  1. Plant your sunflower seed (ideally now!)
  2. Photograph the milestones of your sunflower growing
  3. Add a few words to your photographs to explain what is happening, where it is growing (your house, grandparents’ house, school etc…) and how high it is reaching.
  4. Height measurement is from the base of the stem at soil level to the top of the stem (where the stem meets the flower). The stem can be extended to measure the full height of the plant.
  5. Width measurement is the diameter of the seed head over the front of the flower (excluding the petals).
  6. By 1st September, measure your sunflower height and seed head width by taking a photo with a tape measure by the side (a person may be in the photo holding the measure).
  7. Post your diary (if you kept one) and final photographs to by 1st September.
  8. Show judges will visit the top 3 entries in each category to verify their measurements, before the results are revealed on 11th September at the Show!